Why did you choose our bank?

friendly atmosphere before the bank teller interview, job applicants are discussing their preparationHR managers prefer to hire people who give a good reason for their choice. Needless to say, most job seekers submit many job applications, not preferring one bank to another. They simply try to get a job of a teller. But you should not leave this impression in your interview.

Try to compliment the interviewers for something. Point out the great reputation of their bank, their values, excellent product portfolio, or anything else. You can also say that you are their client–it typically helps. Pre-interview research will help you to identify the things you can compliment in the interview.

On the contrary, if you spoke only about personal reasons, such as good location of the branch, or a better salary than the one you got in your last job, they would not hire you.


Sample answers

I’ve been a client of this bank for the past five years. I really enjoy coming here, and to be honest, I can’t imagine working for any other banking institution.

I know all banking products and also the advantages they offer to the clients when we compare them to the products other banks offer. I prefer to work here, since I honestly believe it is the bank for people.

I fulfill the requirements and believe that I fit the company culture well, from what I have observed as a client of this bank. That’s why I prefer to work at Bank of America, and not anywhere else. I submitted applications to two other banks, but I would accept a job here immediately, without interviewing there.

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