What Are Your Strengths?

people shaking hands in front of a bank, young teller applicant, and an older hiring managerA skilled interviewer will easily recognize your strengths and weaknesses. They do not need to inquire about them, but they still do it.

Whatever their reason, you should pick some of the following strengths for your answer (in an ideal case you should actually have at least some of these strengths):

  • communication skills
  • ability to understand  the needs and desires of the clients of the bank
  • sales skills
  • responsible personality
  • attention to detail
  • time management skills
  • inner motivation to do the job
  • true understanding of the job and of the expectations of the employer
  • knowledge of banking products (or a desire to gain this knowledge)

Say less, show more

It is better to stay humble, and mention just one or two strengths. Don’t worry, they will recognize your strengths from the way you talk and act in an interview. Humility can win you a job contract, especially if it blends with a healthy level of self confidence.

What is more, interviewers are not stupid (at least most of them know what they do :)). If you failed in a role play, you would hardly convince them of your sales skills while talking about having them. Say less, show more.

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