What Are Your Weaknesses

Everyone has some weaknesses, but we should not talk about the same weaknesses in every job interview. You should think whether the lack of skill (or character ability) you want to mention in your answer isn’t essential for the job, whether mentioning it would not ruin your chances of getting hired.

Woman hesitates what to answer to weakness interview questionWhat is more, your interview answer should correspond with your presence. If you mention communication skills as your strength (the next question), you should demonstrate your communication while talking to the interviewers. Sample answers:

I tend to be over-friendly, and clients may understand my behavior in a wrong way. However, I try to get rid of this weakness, and act more professionally in job. I think I have improved in the recent years.

I always try to close the deal, and I sometimes work too fast. I understand that it can eventually result in a worse customer experience, and I try to learn to be more patient in job.

My computer skills are below par. But I understand how important they are right now, and I attend evening classes, trying to learn to work with common software packages.

Your efforts to improve

Everyone has a weakness. The difference between a good and a great employee is that the great one is aware of their weaknesses, and they strive to improve on them. HR managers in banks do not try to hire people who have no weaknesses–they know that such people do not exist…. They want to hire people who can admit having a weakness, and who try to improve on their weaknesses.

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