Why do you want to become a bank teller?


Two men at the end of the job interviewEveryone of us has some dreams and goals. When you apply for a position of a teller, you need to convince the employer that this position is the right one for you, and the one you really want to have. Your answer should simply not indicate that you apply for this position just because you can’t get a better one.

You should also try to stand out from the crowd with your answer. This question often starts an interview, so your answer will decide the first impression of the recruiters. It would be a mistake to underestimate it.

Smart job seekers think the way the employers think. They do not want to become tellers just because of the reputation of this job or nice working environment. You try to find a better reason, such as the value they can bring to the bank, with all their skills.

Let’s have a look at a couple of good answers:

I have good communication skills and I enjoy talking to people. I believe I could be a great teller, and that’s the main reason why I apply for this job.

I am interested in banking, and in helping the others. Position of a teller combines these two, so it’s definitely my first choice for an employment.

I am a client of your bank and really like the customer service. I would be proud to be a member of this team, and believe that I have all the predispositions becoming a good teller.

Special tip: Choose a good attire for your interview. You should focus on the dress code of the company. Choose the same colors the tellers wear, if they’re not too blur or shiny. It will help you to present yourself as someone who knows the rules, and who accepts them. Small details can often make a difference. . . .


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