Why do you want to become a bank teller?


Two men at the end of the job interviewEvery person have their dream job. When you apply for a position of a teller, you need to convince the employer that this is the role you really want to have. Your answer shouldn’t indicate that you applied just because you couldn’t find a better job (regardless of whether it is true).

This is often one of the first questions they will ask, and your answer determines the first impression they will get. Smart job seekers think the way the employers do. They do not want to become tellers just because they like the banking environment and decent salary. They try to find a better reason, such as the value they can bring to the team. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

Sample answers to the question

I have good communication skills and I enjoy talking to people. I believe I could be a good teller, and that’s the main reason why I applied for this job.

I am interested in banking, and in helping people. Position of a teller combines the two, so it’s definitely my first choice of an employment.

I am a client of your bank and I really like the customer service here. I would be proud to be a member of your team, and I believe that I have the predispositions to become a good teller.

Special tip: Choose a good attire for your interview. You should follow the dress code of the company where you apply for the job. Choose the same colors the tellers wear, if they’re not too blur, or shiny. It will help you to present yourself as someone who knows the rules, and who accepts them from the very beginning.


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