Why do you want to become a bank teller?


An HR manager has just offered a job to a surprised job applicantWhen you apply for a teller position, you should try to convince the employer that you really want to have the job, that you didn’t apply just because you couldn’t find a better position.

What is more, try to think about the employer when answering this question. Tell them that you do not want to become a teller just because you like the working environment in a bank, and the reputation of their financial institution.

Try to find a better reason. You can tell them that you believe you would bring value to their team with your excellent customer service skills. Let’s look at some answers.

Sample answers

I have good communication skills and I enjoy talking to people. I believe I can become a great teller, and that is the reason why I apply for this job.

I am interested in banking products, and I like to help people. Position of a teller offers a unique chance to combine the two things in one job. It is definitely my first choice for an employment, since I am young and can not yet apply for any advanced role in banking.

I am a client of your bank and I really like the customer service you offer. I would be a proud member of your team, and I believe that I have the predispositions to become a great teller.

Special tip: Choose a good attire for your interview. You should follow the dress code of the bank. Choose the same colors the tellers wear, unless they are blur or very shiny.

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