Why Did You Choose Our Bank?


friendly atmosphere before the bank teller interviewEmployers prefer to hire people who like their institution for a reason, and who can openly talk about their reasons. We are proud to be working for Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or other well-known banking institutions.


For this reason, your answer should include an honest compliment. You should compliment the bank for something and you should describe it as your reason for preferring them to other, competing institutions. You can also say that you are client of a bank–it will work most of the time.

Oppositely, the answers that speak about personal reasons only, such as good banking center location, or a good salary offer, would not win you the interview. . . . Let’s have a look at some good answers:


I’ve been a client of this bank for the past five years. I really enjoy coming here, and to be honest, I can’t imagine working for any other banking institution.

I am your client and I know all the banking products and also the advantages they offer to the client when compared to the products of other, competing institutions. Therefor I believe to have good predispositions to work as a teller here, and not somewhere else.

Your bank is the best bank in the US, especially for the middle class. I would be proud to work for you.

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