What Do You Know About Our Bank?


Looking for an answer to bank teller interview questionTry to focus on the positives. If possible, pay the interviewers a honest compliment about their bank and job. Present yourself as someone motivated, and as someone who did their homework – browsed the website of the bank, and found something they should be proud of.

Good answers

(The following examples are from the interviews at Bank of America. Other banks may have other advantages, however, and these answers won’t work there. You should browse their website and find something to compliment in an interview.)

  • This bank is widely recognized for leading online banking services, top notch customer service, and friendly tellers. I hope to become one of these tellers.
  • Bank of America is well known for friendly working environment, good career growth possibilities, and fair system of benefits. It’s also my dream place of work.

The answers are simple, and positive. Do not hesitate to study a bit find out what makes them unique, and talk about it in your interview. A good answer to this question will win you hearts of many interviewers. . . .

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Special tip: Most interviewers will recognize whether you prepared your answers upfront, or talk spontaneously. But even if they realize that you prepared your answers to the most common questions, they won’t consider it as something negative. Responsible people prepare for their interview. Banks want to hire responsible people. . . .