What Are Your Weaknesses


Every one of us has some strengths and weaknesses. It’s a fallacy to believe that you should always mention the same weaknesses in the interview. You should definitely think about the following things, before choosing your weakness in an interview:

  • Is this weakness anyhow related to the job I am applying for?
  • Is this weakness important for this job, or said in other words, would the employer employ me, knowing about the weakness?
  • Could the employer in some cases consider this as my strength?

Woman hesitates what to answer to weakness interview questionNeedless to say, you should be honest in your bank teller interview. On the other hand, each of us has several weaknesses and in order to improve your chances of succeeding, you just need to pick the right one. But there is one more thing to remember: Your strengths and weaknesses from your answers should correspond with your presence in an interview. That means, if you mention communication skills as your strength, you should have a good communication with the interviewer during the whole meeting. Anyway, let’s check out some good answers to the questions about your weaknesses.

I tend to be over-friendly with clients. However, I try to get rid of this weakness and be professional in my work. It’s improving.

I have a tendency to be impatient. I always try to close the deal and work as fast as possible, what is not always the best option. However, I work on my patience and at the moment am much more patient as I was five years ago.

Your desire to improve is crucial

In both answers, you should notice one thing: The job applicant for a bank teller position always mention how he tries to improve himself and get rid of the weakness. In fact, this is what interviewers want to hear. They do not expect to hire candidates without weaknesses. They expect to hire someone with acceptable weaknesses, who works on the improvement of himself. Can it be you?

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Special tips: Job of a bank teller is mostly about communication. You should never mention your communication as your weakness. Oppositely, it should be on the list of your strengths.