What Are Your Weaknesses


Every one of us has some weaknesses, but you shouldn’t mention the same weaknesses in every interview. You should definitely think about the following things, before choosing your weakness in an interview. You should think whether they are relevant, and whether mentioning them could ruin your chances of getting a job. Logically, you should pick for your answer some weaknesses that aren’t very important for the role of a teller.

Woman hesitates what to answer to weakness interview questionAnd there is one more thing to remember: Your interview answers should correspond with your interview presence. If you mention communication skills as your strength, you should show strong communication while talking to the interviewers. Sample answers:

I tend to be over-friendly with clients. However, I try to get rid of this weakness and act professionally in my job. I think I’ve improved quite a lot in the recent years.

I always try to close the deal, and to work very fast. It’s not always the best option, especially in sales. . . . However, I try to be more patient in work.

Your effort to improve

You should always mention how you try to improve on your weaknesses. Interviewers want to hear that from you. They do not want to hire candidates without weaknesses–such people don’t exist after all. They try to hire people who can accept their own limitations but who try to improve on them all the time. Can it be you?

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