What Are Your Strengths


people shaking hands in front of a bankEvery good interviewer will quickly recognize your main strengths and weaknesses. They do not need to ask you about them, but they still do it quite often.

Whatever their reasons, you should pick some of the following strengths for your answer:

  • communication skills
  • ability to uncover the needs of a client
  • sales skills
  • responsibility
  • good organization skills
  • inner motivation for work
  • true understanding of the job and the expectations of an employer

Say less, show more

It’s better to be humble and mention just one or two strengths. Don’t worry, they will recognize all your strengths from the way you talk and act in an interview. Humility will win you many hearts, and not only in the job interviews. And interviewers are not stupid (at least most of them are not). If you fail in a role play, they will not believe your answer about having great sales skills. Therefore it is always better to be humble and not boast too much about your strengths, but rather present yourself in a best possible way, so they will see your many strengths on their own.

Next Questions:

Special tip: Interviewers in a bank can sometimes look bored. To interview many candidates in a row is tiring and sometimes it can be very boring as well (I have this experience). However, you should not let this to distract you. Doesn’t matter what they do, you should always focus on your own performance, and always show enthusiasm and motivation. Your positiveness will soon wake them up :).