Wells Fargo Interview Questions


Many banks compete for the clients in the United States, but Wells Fargo is probably the most popular one among all the job seekers. The recruiting managers conduct regular interviews, and recruit plenty of tellers for both full time and part time opportunities.

What questions should you expect in your teller interview?

 1. Why do you want to work at Wells Fargo? 

Hint: You should try to focus on your personal preferences to Wells Fargo, the vision and goals of the company. You should simply focus on something that distinguishes Wells Fargo from their competitors, something their hiring managers are proud of.

2. Why the position of a teller? 

Hint: You should tell them that you have the right abilities, skills, personality and experience for the job. You can also focus on motivation (or career goals) and explain why you’d prefer teller to other roles at the moment.

3. How did you hear about this job?

Hint: Most people apply for countless job offers. Recruiters at Wells Fargo want to hear that you are not one of them, that this interview isn’t “just another job interview on your long list”. Tell them how you heard about the job, and that it caught your eye immediately. And if you have a friend working at Wells Fargo, mention that they recommended you the job.

4. How far  are you willing to travel / What location do you prefer? 

Hint: The more options you mention, the better the chance of getting a job. If you have a car, you should mention it. However, I recommend you to mention also the most preferred locality, to ensure you’ll get the job there, if available. But you shouldn’t tell them about your kids or other personal reasons for your preference, unless they asked.

5. What would you do if you knew someone was stealing?

Hint: In correspondence with Wells Fargo internal policy, you should not take any heroic actions on your own. Say that you would call a security guard and give him clear instructions on what was happening.

6. How would you deal with an irate customer? How did you deal with them in the past?

Hint: One meets all kinds of clients at Wells Fargo. While most people will be nice and clever, some will be irate, stupid, or too clever… However, as a good teller, or any other person working in a bank, you need to stay calm and smile, and you should look at the problem from the point of view of a client. Try to mention it in your answer, when speaking about an example situation from the past. If you have no experience from the past, say what you would do if it happened.

To see brilliant answers to these questions, and to many more, tough Wells Fargo interview questions, have a look at Wells Fargo Interview Guide.

Good luck in your interview!